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Vintage Food Trucks is your one stop shop for your mobile catering business. We find and hand pick unique vintage vehicles that will suite your requirements. Our extensive restoration process will transform a piece of rust into a polished diamond, which will, last but not least, be fitted with the top of the line kitchen facility. Read below for more details of our project cycle.

The Search

Within our UK premises we store over 40 vehicles at any given day from American step vans, American airstream trailers, American school buses, American pick ups, British Bedford vans and Land Rovers, Italian Piaggio Ape, French Citroen HY vans in all sizes and forms, French Citroen 2cv, French Renault Estafette, French Peugeot J7, VW combi vans and vintage motorcycles. No need to look online or get lost looking around the country, we have it all under one roof.

The Restoration

This is our business signature. The rusty old van that no one wanted will go through our extensive restoration process and be given a second life. It is the most important part of the future mobile business, as you cannot operate a successful kitchen in a deteriorating structure. We believe that the devil is in the details and restoring vintage vehicles is a job for specialists. We have a team of the very best who will meet the challenge of any project.

The Interior

Having worked our own food trucks we understand life on the inside of the truck. We have been in the extreme pressured situations with queues of hungry customers. So every truck we build we draw upon our own experience to give you the best work flow to manage the practicality, functionality and workability. This is one of the most valuable services we can give you as the best catering equipment brands will not make the best food trucks.

Delivering the dream

Although we do not undertake transportation we will assist you in finding the right transportation mode and company. With our extensive network we can suggest different transport agencies that we have worked with over the years, which are familiar with the product and procedure of this transportation to ensure you benefit from the best possible rates.

Why Choose a Vintage Food Truck?

The popularity and prevalence of these vintage rolling restaurants have been increasing at a rapid pace in the past couple of years.
Why have so many entrepreneurs chosen to invest in a vintage mobile catering unit?

The answer is simple and remains in 3 factors:

1. Create attention and perception
2. Build audience
3. Have a unique point of sale


Create attention and perception – You could have the best product and service on the market but if your customer judges the packaging before trying the product, you will not stand the competition of others with a complete concept. A quality vintage truck that looks the money invested will attract both attention and positive perception.


Build audience – With vintage food trucks, sometimes their personalities are their selling point. Being able to draw customers in, forming relationships and getting repeat business is a turnkey event. Not many other industries benefit from direct interaction with their audience but with this mobile unit you can, so make the most of it to create your success.


Have a unique point of sale – The food industry is fiercely competitive and by choosing a vintage truck you create a unique point of sale. You plan your business carefully in terms of product and service but do not forget the packaging of your new business. It is what will make the concept complete.


Our Unique Products

Food Trucks

There is a truck for every occasion so regardless of a small or large budget we can find, build and design your unique mobile catering business.

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Food Trailers

Food trailers come in many different styles and generally are more affordable than food trucks and of course without the engine there is low maintenance as well as less licensing.

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Pop-up Containers

Containers or tailor-made pop up structures are one of the most budget friendly options to launch your business idea.

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Inflatable Food Trucks

Are you looking for the perfect application of your brand strategy? Inflatable food trucks might be the answer, and Vintage Food Trucks can make your dreams come true – as crazy as they could be.

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Vintage Bikes

In the past couple of years the trend has swung to late 1970s and early 1980s R series BMWs with their hideously bulbous boxer engines featuring prominently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any food trucks for sale?

We often have catering vans in stock but due to the bespoke nature of our work we prefer to build to order.

How do I commission/ order a van?

Please ring/email or book an appointment to visit Vintage Food Trucks to discuss your requirements. Once your build specification has been agreed, we will require a 50% deposit to allocate a van and reserve a build slot in our very busy work schedule.

How long will my Food Truck take to build?

This process will take approximately 3 months once your deposit has been placed.

Do I come up with the van spec and design?

You are welcome to choose your own colour scheme and specifications based on previous builds, as professional custom food trucks builders we use our expertise and experience to create your perfect food truck.

What does the price of your vans include?

Vintage Food Trucks Ltd offer an exceptional package and service on the market. All our H vans today will come with a full new rewiring, newly refurbished starter motor and generator with a 12 month warranty, new seat upholstery, new window runners, new window rubbers, fully refurbished radiator and petrol tank, new wipers, new lights, new indicators, new brake shoes and pipes, new spark plugs, reverse camera, special built mirrors, new tyres, AAA paint, UK MOT certificate. Additional optional upgrades are TUV power steering and Vintage Food Trucks own H van disc brake design.

Can I supply the van?

We have a large stock of very well-sourced Citroen Hvans and Classic car donor vehicles so you do not need to supply the van, however you are welcome to provide your own van if you wish, this may help if you are an international customer and have a registered van already.

Could I save money if I supply the van?

The bulk of the cost of one of our bespoke vans comes from the parts and labour as our vans are ground up rebuilds so the money you save will be minimal.

Do I have to visit you to commission a van?

Although we are happy for you to visit us, it is not necessary. The ordering process can be dealt with via email and/or telephone for your convenience.

What do Vintage Food Trucks do during a rebuild?

The van will undergo a complete ground up restoration including overhaul of engine and transmission.

Do Vintage Food Trucks carry out any work on vans other than Hvans and 2cv models between 1950-1981?

We specialise in these models as they carry a huge stock of compatible custom, new and used parts.
We also stock and restore American step vans, American vintage Airstream trailers, American school buses,American pick ups, British Bedford vans and Land rovers, Italian Piaggio Ape, French Citroen Hy vans in all sizes and forms, French Citroen 2cv, French Renault Estafette, French Peugeot J7, VW Combi vans and Vintage Motorcycles.

What are these classic vans like to service and how easy is it to get parts for them?

Servicing work is very basic and most garage shops can carry out work on our vans. Parts are readily available from us or specialist parts suppliers.

Are Vintage Food Trucks performance-enhanced?

Our vans offer a standard performance although they are a lot better than in their original form. We can also carry out performance modifications by introducing a modern diesel engine transplant with modern disk brakes and power steering at an extra cost so please ask us if this is something you are interested in.

Can I see how you are getting on with my van during the rebuild?

If requested, We can send you photos of your van’s progress.

Are Vintage Food Trucks road legal in the United Kingdom?

Our vans are built to European road legal standards. They are all supplied with appropriate original registration documentation and a MOT clear certificate.

Are Vintage Food Trucks street legal in any country other than the UK?

We can’t be held responsible for the road legal requirements of other countries due to logistics and language barriers. We so far have supplied vans as far as Brazil.“Special country requirements approvals are the responsibility of the purchaser!”please ask if we have supplied your countries before going to deep into it.

Can Vintage Food Trucks deliver anywhere in the world?

Although we do not undertake transportation we will assist you in finding the right transportation mode and company. With our extensive network we can suggest different transport agencies that we have worked with over the years, which are familiar with the product and procedure of this transportation to ensure you benefit from the best possible rates.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Your van must be paid for in full before we release it from our shop. All vans remain the property of Vintage Food Trucks until paid for in full.

How do I pay for my Food Truck?

Usually by online bank transfer.

How much does a bespoke Food Truck cost?

Prices vary depending on the model and size used and specifications required. Please call or email us to discuss pricing.

Can I visit Vintage Food Trucks showroom?

We are very busy, so visits are by appointment only.

I am thinking of converting an old van myself, can you give me any advice?

As a business we cannot share our trade secrets.

Can Vintage Food Trucks sell parts for me to carry out my own conversion?

Due to exclusivity of our Stock and vans we prefer to reserve parts to our existing clients only.

Can i supply my own catering equipment?

We’re sorry, but we do not accept clients own equipment.

We want to hear from you!

Got a Question? Want to visit us? get in touch

We Export to the Whole World

We’re a global business and getting our products to your country is not a problem!

We have received the food trucks at our premises this afternoon and they look gorgeous! Fine piece of work – just like how we thought it’d be from the pictures we’ve seen !

Emaar Malls - DubaiFine Piece of Art - Thanks!

Hi H, We just got the truck dropped off and set up… It looks amazing, so thank you very much!

Pan ’n Ice - UK

I am very happy with the renovation vintage food trucks preformed on my food truck. I had a terrible time the first attempted at restoring with another company. Vintage food trucks not only fixed that problem but made it so many times better than I could have expected. The guys are all very friendly & helpful workman who are highly skilled in their each specific trade. You would not be disappointed in anyway in the standard of work they produce. Even bought me fish & chips when I visited! What more can you ask for on a return trip to the U.K. Thanks again from us here at Juice Junky.

Jonny - SwedenJUICE JUNKY AB
This is just to say a huge thank you for accommodating our H Van with very short notice, in fact it feels we had a new van after spending only 48 hours with you. Hicham, Douglas and all your team worked very hard to get the van back to us in time for an event last Saturday. You made us, especially Joao (our driver) and many of our customers very happy. I know where our next classic coffee truck is coming from.

We bought a Citroën HY from Vintage Food Trucks.

When we got the Van to Denmark we had some issues with the Van. After testing some different things with no luck, Vintage Food Trucks sent two of their mechanics from UK to Denmark to test and fix the Van. They replaced a dirty fuel filter and installed a new Coil. Problem solved!!!

They are always helpful when you need them. Thanks a lot.

Thomas HolmFounder & CEO @ Gro Juice

We’re Looking for Partners Representatives

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Vintage Food Trucks Social

Every 19th of each month Vintage Food Trucks sponsor 1,000 delicious hot meals to feed the most needy people in London.
Vintage Food Trucks works along Food For All charity organisation. unlike other food distribution services, FFA is based on the philosophy of community self-help and is geared towards enabling homeless people to learn new skills.

FFA is committed to tackling homelessness and social exclusion by helping people to make informed choices and find solutions to their problems.
Every day 900 healthy meals are cooked and distributed in 5 location around London to homeless / disadvantaged and struggling students.
The ingredients are donated by local supermarkets and short dated products. 10 tonnes of food are diverted from going into landfills every week. In this way we do our bit to save the environment and increase the health of London most marginalised communities.

Homelessness in London has increased by 20% in the last year, at the same time, due to recession, London councils have cut the funding to most of the day centres which were already grossly inadequate. We also make all our clients part of the donation by allocating a small percentage of the sales and for every food van sold we contribute towards the creation of new commercial kitchens for the FFA, This small contribution will assist store, produce and deliver all healthy meals we can give away.
Vintage Food Trucks Ltd is also an active member of the PETA uk group.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation is a UK-based charity dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals.
Should you have any preferences where your contribution as client may want to go, please let us know.